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Transitional Dry Stone Elements

Transitional Dry stone elements in the landscape help us read and move through it more smoothly, flowing from one point to the next. They strengthen connections between plantings and hardscaping, indicate relationships with materials and pattern languages, provide us with contrast, give us direction physically & visually with destination features, as well as providing high [...]

October 28th, 2015|Categories: 1 | NEW, 2 | Walls, 4 | Stairs, 5 | Walkways, 7 | Unique, Dry Stone retaining wall|

StoneFest 2013 overview of details…. looking back

   Nick Fairplay & Patrick McAffee looks sum up the weeks hard work. It was an amazing week of transferring knowledge in stone to students, to faculty, and to the broader community that participated. This was my 8th StoneFest to attend. The first one I attended lit my passion for a relationship with stone. No [...]

October 28th, 2015|Categories: 2 | Walls, 7 | Unique, 8 | Landscapes, Dry Stone retaining wall|

Foundations for walls & related elements….

   Dry stone fence, limestone, Kentucky. Image by Mark Jurus. Why do these dry stone structures last so long? Luck? Lack of exposure to extreme elements? Freeze thaw not present in certain elements???? There are as many theories as there are people who have put one stone upon another. You can go to school and [...]

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